Bikini & Body Waxing

Quality body waxing services and advanced techniques to leave your skin silky smooth

Experience superior waxing with the Lycon and Strip Wax

Are you looking to get ready for the summer or your next holiday? Why not take the pain out of waxing and let our experts do the hard work for you. We use the highest quality Lycon Hot Wax formulated with the finest natural and synthetic resins as well as Strip Waxing products providing long-lasting results.


You can choose from our wide variety of fantastic treatments from Hollywood, Brazilian, bikini, back, leg to arm waxing for superior results and silky smooth skin. Treat yourself at Serena Beauty & Spa in Ealing and choose from our competitively priced waxing treatments today!


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Lycon Bikini Hot Wax 

Formulated with the most beautiful natural and synthetic resins, beeswax and sensuous aromatherapy, Lycon hot wax for bikini lines deliver superior results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm like no other. The warmth of to the wax also opens the pores making the waxing less painful thus suitable for sensitive bikini areas.


Choose one of our professional Lycon hot wax treatments, loved by our customers, including Hollywood, Brazilian and Bikini line to get ready for the summer or your next holiday. Start your journey to wellness today by booking one of our Lycon Hot Wax options below!

Bikini Waxing with Strip

Our strip wax is an alternative to hot waxing and delivers equally smooth results. By using the latest and the best products and techniques we here and Serena ensure a great pre- and post-wax experience. It's time to treat yourself to one of the high-quality bikini wax with a strip including Hollywood, Brazilian and bikini line options. 


Start your journey to wellness today by booking one of our Strip Waxing for the perfect bikini line below!

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Strip Waxing - Back, Legs & Arms

Our strip wax is fast and works very well on large areas like the legs, back and arms. After your first waxing with the strip, the results usually last from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the hair re-growth rate. We here at Serena use only the highest quality strip waxing products and methods to provide you smooth and hair-free skin ready for the summer. It's time to treat yourself to one of the strip waxing treatments including back, legs and arms. 


Start your journey to wellness today by booking one of our Strip Waxing treatments for body below!