Waxing & Exfoliation for Men

Professional body waxing services and all-in-one back package for optimum rejuvenation 

Experience our superior waxing and cleansing

You want to change from heavy winter clothes to the slighter summer ones - and want to look good to be able to do so. We here at Serena have several Cleansing & Waxing options to choose from to get you ready. We only use the highest quality Lycon Hot Wax formulated with the most beautiful natural and synthetic resins as well as Strip Waxing products providing long-lasting results. You can choose from our wide variety of fantastic treatments from the all-in-one back package, abdomen, back or leg waxing for superior results and healthy, smooth skin.


Why not treat yourself and choose from our competitively priced waxing treatments today!


Back Package & Body Waxing for Men

For bodies tired from the long winter and hectic lifestyle, our all-inclusive package for back package includes deep-cleanse, steam, extraction, massage and mask. It is guaranteed to leave you rejuvenated, relaxed and your skin feeling healthy. Our waxing service is fast and works well in large areas like your chest & abdomen, back & shoulder, legs and arms.


By using the latest products and techniques we here and Serena ensure a great pre- and post-wax experience. Start your journey to wellness today by booking back cleanse or body waxing!