Luxury Exfoliation Pampering

Treat yourself to our ultimate exfoliation packages to rejuvenate your skin and body

Invigoration & indulgence - our luxury body & skin packages

By removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, our ultimate body scrub, massage and exfoliation packages,  Detoxifying Body and Tighten & Brighten Body Scrubs, make your skin look and feel better. These therapies have also been proven to help some skin conditions.


The skin naturally sheds this top layer about every 30 days - exfoliation accelerates what it does on its own. As the treatments stimulate collagen production, they help to firm your skin and make the new healthy, plump cell. For the best results, we usually apply moisturiser to further enhance the softness of your skin after the exfoliation treatment. Book one of our wonderful, invigorating and rejuvenating Body Exfoliation Packages today!


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Detoxifying Body Scrub Packages

Why not add our highly-rated exfoliating body scrub treatments to your skincare routine to buff away old skin and to stimulate micro-circulation. You can choose the Detoxifying Body Scrub with a warm massage, full body scrub and wrap using Himalayan salt and nourishing oils.


If you opt for the Tighten & Brighten Body Scrub with ground coffee, it acts as a facial for the body by exfoliating and hydrating your skin, leaving it smooth, soft and rejuvenated. Start your journey to wellness today by booking our detoxifying body scrub treatment treatments below!