Relaxing and stimulating massage treatments in Ealing

Massages treatments to relieve your body from aches

Serena Beauty & Spa have been providing health and wellness-boosting massage treatments for over 10 years our customers rave about. Our Thai Oil, Yoga, Herbal Compress and Swedish massages offer a wonderful way to relieve stress and tensions. Whereas using Aromatherapy and Reflexology will boost the feeling of well-being. Whereas, our highly-rated pre- and post-natal Pregnancy Massage helps to relieve your aches and pains to support you throughout this physically demanding period. If you are purely looking for luxury pampering, opt for our exfoliation treatments and pampering packages.

If you are looking for a great massage deal saving up to £50 - why not book Serena Beauty & Spa Massage Package Offer of 5 sessions and get 1 free!

Thai Traditional, Oil & Herbal Compress Massage

We have over 10 years of experience in Thai massages. They stimulate the tissues of your body and help to relax muscles, untie knots and pains thus relieving stress and tension.

Deep Tissue &
Swedish Massage

Our bespoke deep tissue massage works for your muscle injury or stressful life. Whereas the Swedish massage improves your blood circulation and makes you feel more relaxed. 

Aromatherapy, Stone &
Reflexology Massage

We pre-blend warm aromatherapy oils and hot stones for the massages. Our reflexology foot massage addresses, e.g. headaches, sinus problems and stomach issues.

Pregnancy Wellness

Our wellness pregnancy massage therapy helps to relieve your discomforts, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and swelling.

Luxury Exfoliation Packages

Treat yourself! Our luxury packages include detoxifying body scrub with Himalaya salt or ground coffee or body scrub, Thai aromatherapy, foot massage and luxury facials combos.

The Ultimate Pampering
Package Offers

Feeling tired and stressed? It's time to book one our indulgence pampering offers including a combination of body scrub, Thai aromatherapy massage, deep cleansing and luxury facial treatments.

Book your massage therapy, exfoliation or pampering package and start your journey to wellness today!